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The primary example would be Picasso, but lots of impressionist painters also worked with clay in their lives and so did some of the Ab Ex guys, like Pollock for example. Degas was a fine painter, but also a great sculptor, etc. Highly creative people seem to crave and need diversity no matter they are doing. What is interesting to me is that I have engaged in art all my life but it was never validated in my family beyond a hobby that I was good at.

So now. So in my own self-talk, I tell myself and the world that I have just been just dabbling in art all along and have finally found the vehicle for my talent: painting.


I am beginning to see that the multi-faceted interests were actually the talent trying its best to come out and capture my attention. It seems that, for me, the biggest challenge is accepting that the talent is there and giving it maximum opportunity to be expressed. The greatest obstacle has been my own brain. I am having regret over the years lost to denial. I wish to offer my perspective about a couple of your comments. All my birthday presents, after age 12 were art supplies.

I raised 8 kids, ran a mid-sized business and, at age 64, I still work in a public school where I teach job skills in landscaping and greenhouse science. I have, like you, found many outlets over the years for my creative passion…. I took myself out of the 3 galleries that I was a member of because my priorities were on the creative need of running a business and family.

But those choices, though at times frustrating to my inner dreams, were never to be regretted, nor were they, necessarily, distractions. All of our passions, our creativity that we invest our lives in have value, not just painting.

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Painting is, perhaps, the next great journey for you and me to apply our hearts to… But I wish you to know that you have not denied your talents, you have chosen to support different aspects of them. We can do many things and do them relatively well, or we can focus on doing one thing and be amazing! I agree with Stephen, as an artist and a classic overachiever, I writer and paint professionally as well as do design work and am a recognized public relations professional in my community. My challenges like most are time, money, and resources. My job is to ensure they all line up in my favour.

The reality is that the project that is brining money in, not sending it out, often takes the priority between The social perception of the bohemian starving artist is so wrong in todays cultural environment and something that we must work daily against. I agree Ben ,I was a human resource professional and have been on disability for several years now. So I finally get to delve into my creative nature ,my art has improved and my productivity is up and getting better ,but I also sing ,and am finding from input from others that I am quite good.

I also act and am auditioning soon for a part that will allow me to sing and act. In some ways I know I spread myself too thin at times ,but am compelled to use as many and much talent as God has seen fit to give me. That said I also agree that if I could focus on just one talent and commit completely to it ,I might gain ground faster , so I have decided I am an artist ,and I work in several mediums ,acrylics , voice ,and theatre ,it is all art and I am completely driven to achieve my best in all 3. I like what you said, Tim.

I mean, dancing in the rain, touching the leaves and walking in cool green grass, makes the soul sing…. I want to paint.

To me, any art medium we engage in inspires the other. Something I write may inspire a painting. Some line you speak in theater, or words you sing in a song may inspire an image you want to get on canvas. My challenges too, are time, money, and resources. I feel guilty and neglectful to the profession I want to exceed in most…art! I had to ruefully laugh at your comment, as it hits home. My mantra is art by day and music by night. I am a painter by day I also work in a clothing store two days a week to pay medical bills and a musician at night, playing cello in a world folk fusion band.

The two occasionally overlap. I recently painted the CD cover for our new CD while recording.

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I picked two. I am taking a day off to rest today, and make a dent in my email reading, after several long nights of recording and playing gigs, and painting too. Try 3 creative aspects! I write novels, paint, and draw comics in addition to working a full time job and being a single mom. Once I realized this, it became easier to balance all I want to do with all I have to do. I would love to expand this into full time, but fears of supporting my family are holding me back. On the other hand, I know working hourly is making me broke while 3 aspects do open me up to 3 streams on income.

My biggest challenge is in making up my mind to do this and letting go of all the unfounded fears. Thanks for writing this Dawn. I have the same struggle. My best days are when I sit down and listen to my heart, asking myself what do I want to do today. My business experience helps me figure out action plans.

Thanks Dawn and Renee.

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Greetings, Sounded as if you were describing me! Long history of playing in bands on and off, steady artwork even when working full time. I really had to restrict myself timewise. No more pottery, leathercraft or serious music. I am focusing on art and spending my money on supplies. FOCUS is the word. Being multi-talented and creative can be a curse in a way. Then when you retire, you have more time but less money! The best part is being able to paint or draw whatever I like.

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I agree with Stephen about distractions. I want to paint, but I become involved in writing, in being involved in the community, and of even being in charge of different things. After being in art school for the last few years and being very disciplined, I am enjoying the freedom too much of not having a deadline.

I need to return to the mindset of a deadline. I err on the multi disciplinary direction too and I know it, however in favor of it I do find the different disciplines do feed each other.

New ideas for painting comes from a bit of clay work done and a fabric pattern inspires a landscape in watercolor. While doing the one my mind works on the problems of another medium. No deadlines please, Frances. Do only what you do best and love to do with the most passion and with the most chance in improving at. The more work you do, the better it will become. But give it plenty of time! I understand what Stephen is saying. I also have a hard time staying focused on one art form. So many ideas to try and so little time. Running my art business competes with my production time, and selling and taking care of clients competes with art that I would like to do.

I see that quite a few of us here have the same situation of not enough hours in the day and too many different artistic endeavors to pursue. I agree Christine, not enought hours in the day and too many artistic endeavors.

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I like to work on more than one project at a time and all the time my mind is working on new ideas. Many days it challenges my focus and slows down my process. I can hardly wait to try another Pastel work now! The trick is to find time for the marketing, etc.

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I see no other way to do it! I guess that is one of my biggest struggles too…finding and pursuing my art passion in more than one medium. I agree with Christine that more than one media can feed another and can open up new possibilities. One of my other biggest struggles is art marketing which is essential but takes time and energy away from making my best art. I have been through all of the other art forms — dance, theatre, music, writing — and decided that in retirement I would finally get to paint. Now that I am so totally consumed by painting and running into some big questions regarding the point of it all — I find myself daydreaming about directing a play, or writing a novel.

I think maybe it is just a distraction. What I have observed is that the creative process — my creative process — is the same no matter what I am working on. I always get to the point where I feel like it is not going to work — the play is obviously going to be a disaster and the painting, well I might as well just tear it up and throw it under the table.