Manual Messages from Maitreya the Christ

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They have remained largely in remote desert and mountain places of earth, working mainly through their disciples who live openly in the world. These are all names for one individual.

His presence in the world guarantees there will be no third World War. His message has made quite an impact however.


Worshippers believed that this mysterious visitor—a dark-skinned Arab-looking man with beard and moustache, veiled in a white robe and a turban-like hat—was Jesus who had returned back to earth. Share International later claimed that this was the Maitreya spoken of by Benjamin Creme. The event was photographed by a local photographer and received widespread media coverage from CNN and many newspapers. According to Share International, Maitreya has made many public appearances since that time. Many of his claims and predictions are demonstrably false. He died at the age of Near recent memory- There was a fellow from a Dutch reformed church who put a date on the end of the age, which did not occur — needless to say he scammed his followers for close to 18 million dollars, when this fellow was asked about that money-you only got silence..

This is a very bad, illogical age! This man was evil, against Jesus Christ, and in the hands of satan whom he actually served. I lead some christian friends to NYC to pass out tracts in front of one of his speaking venues back in the s.

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He did not know me but glared at me as he walked by. Later he had someone threaten us if we did not leave the streets We were fine acc to police and a xian lawyer , and one in the group saw a gun aimed at us from the front door. I was afraid for my friends so we eventually left but everyone knew we were up against spititual warfare.

Spiritual Awakening Amplified - New Way of Receiving Channeled Messages from Maitreya

Many prayed for us that night but the event left an indelible mark on us all as Christians and I only wish that more christians were as brave as my friends. So many comments from people who obviously have never read his books. Nothing Creme said, nor dates, can be verified by searches. The full-page ads in papers, the meetings, press conference, the media coverage from CNN. The first truth is: Do you really think the greatest event in history would be up to one man, one disciple, if Christ could contact anyone?

He died in London in at age […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Astley Scottish painter, esotericist and author Benjamin Creme has died on 24 October at his home in London, surrounded by family, at the age of Prophetic Intelligence Briefings are provided to show a link between current events and Bible prophecy only.

Messages from Maitreya the Christ

The article summaries, which are not intended as a commentary in support of or in opposition to the views of the authors, do not necessarily reflect the views of Pastor Mayer or of Keep the Faith other than to point out the prophetic link. My heart hurts for him to die with such deceit plaguing him.

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This crime fills Me with shame. My brothers, how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men? My plan is to save these, My little ones, from certain starvation and needless death. Make bright your lamp and let it shine forth and show the way.

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All are needed, every one. No one is too small or young to take part in this Great Plan for the rescue and the rehabilitation of our world. Begin by dedicating yourself and all that you are and have been to the service of the world, to the service of your brothers and sisters everywhere. Make sure that not one day passes without some act of true service and be assured that My help will be yours.

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In this way, My secret can be maintained. Why should this be so? You must know and want That for which I stand. Within your hearts must burn the desire for Justice and Truth. Where these divine aspects are present, you will recognise Me. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course. The guilt of ages sits upon their shoulders and they trust not. My friends, I am not God.

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As your Brother, your Friend, your Teacher, do I come. Forget this not. Peace, Sharing and Justice are central to My Teaching.