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Practice the time of the day in Spanish. Un juego para repasar el vocabulario de la familia. Realidades: Chapter 2A. More Spanish Subject Pronoun Practice. Practice fiugring out the correct Subject Pronoun in Spanish. Be careful! Example: "John, are YOU going to the soccer game? PE Colores y las cosas de la escuela. Make sure your article, noun, and color adjective match in gender and number. II Realidades - 2A Ser vs. Translating sentences that use "ser" or "estar" - Do you know which to use?

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Conjugate all verbs in the future tense. Present tense subjunctive verbs regular and irregular. Family Members Application. Practice distinguishing between telling what time it is, and at what time something occurs. Can you guess and spell the months of the year in Spanish? Mastery 3, Unit 3: Subjunctive, Indicative or Infinitive?

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Choose the right mood and form. This quiz contains 16 questions. Practice stem changing verbs O to UE almorzar, contar, costar devolver, dormir, encontrar, poder, recordar, volver and jugar. Instrucciones: Cada una de las siguientes oraciones tiene tres espacios en blanco, pues se han omitido tres palabras.

Selecciona la letra que contiene aquellas La ropa, colores, posesivos, llevar. Clothing unit. Q Words. En Espanol 1, Etapa preliminar: El Calendario y la fecha. Decide whether the phrases are true or false and choose the best answer for the Multiple Choice questions. Practice conjugating the verb "ir. Grammar concept from unit 1. Mastery of conjugation of -ar verbs. Practise the Present Tense of some of the most common AR verbs in Spanish and learn the meaning of the verbs in English. Quiz--days, months, and numbers Indirect Object Pronouns with gustar and similar verbs.

Match pronoun with the correct form of ser. Working with vocabulary for the clothes. Use gustar to talk about what people like to do. Java Games of sentences using ser or estar from Realidades 2. Adjetivos para describir a las personas y las cosas.


Un juego para practicar los adjetivos. How well can you use the verbs in this unit in the present, preterite, and imperfect forms? There are also review verbs included. Try this one!

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Chore vocabulary and direct object pronouns. Do you know which -AR verb ending goes with which subject in the preterite tense? Match the subject with the correct preterite verb ending! Play hangman and practice the spelling of the colors in Spanish! Match the descriptions to the pictures. Practice using subjunctive with all of the rules learned so far.

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This quiz contains 25 questions chosen from a bank of Spanish numerals 0 to This quiz contains 35 questions. Practice your knowledge of Spanish subject pronouns with these activities. Forming the Present Subjunctive. Play Jeopardy to test your knowledge of stem-changing shoe verbs and how they are conjugated. You do not have to write the subject pronoun for each verb but you can include them if you want. Practice identifying Farm Animals. Choose the right answer. Casi se muere Ch. Questions pertaining to chapters of Casi se muere. Practice your Ordinal numbers here.

Practice the preterite vs. Subject Pronouns and -ar Verbs. Rename your subject with a pronoun and conjugate the given infinitive. Noun and infinitive are in parenthesis. Los Pronombres Relativos Relative Pronouns. Mary Louise Chillington. Changing ser to agree with subject pronouns This quiz contains 11 questions. Present Subjunctive Battleship.

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  8. Practice with forms of the Present Subjunctive. Definite and Indefinite Articles. Choose the correct Spanish definite or indefinite article based on the words given in English. Battleship "Gustar". Play hangman and practice spelling the seasons in Spanish! Practice with 1st year weather expressions. Adriana Persin. This quiz contains 30 questions.

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    ER verbs in Spanish, Present Tense. Practise the Present tense of some of the most common regular ER verbs in Spanish and learn the meaning of the verbs in English. AR verbs in Spanish, infinitives. Choose the appropriate form of ser or estar to complete the phrases. Numbers in Spanish: make a picture!

    Match the correct answer to the question. There may be one answer that does not match. Adjectives for people and animals - Flashcard Matching. Here are some basic adjectives in Spanish that you should know. Adjectives describe nouns people, places, things and ideas. Present tense verbs in Spanish. Hablemos del clima. Vocab practice for the verbs presented in Unit 1 lesson 1 of Avancemos level 1.

    See if you can match the English and Spanish words for the months of the year. This quiz contains 29 questions. Test Your Knowledge of the Alphabet. Choose the correct spelling of the word. This quiz contains 5 questions chosen from a bank of Let's learn the colors in Spanish! Match the subject with the correct definite article. El Cuerpo -- Body Parts with pictures. Match the Spanish word with the picture. World Languages.