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Romanze Andante. Soave sia il vento. Tema con variazoni. Un' aura amorosa. Romanze excerpt. Ave verum corpus K Adagio sostenuto excerpt arr. Norman Bates, pub.

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EMI Music Publ. Minuet in G WoO 10 No. Adagio cantabile. Allegretto Shepherds' Hymn abbrev. Norman Bates. Entr'acte, Act 3 Intermezzo. Cantique de Jean Racine Op. In Paradisum. The Swan Le Cygne 7. Concerto for violin and orchestra No. Second movement. Adagio opening Digital Remaster 9. Prelude Morning. Pavane Op.

II Andante excerpt. Flower Duet. Symphony No. Largo opening Song to the Moon Act I. Intermezzo Orchestra. I Berceuse 3. Nocturne No. Liebestraum No. Fingering by Andras Schiff. Henle Urtext edition. Fingering by Hans-Martin Theopold. Basso Continuo realization by Siegfried Petrenz. A collection of 22 passages from various works by J. Bach , adapted for performance on solo trumpet. Works included are various dance movements from partitas, suites and sonatas for flute, organ, violin, cello, etc. Hering Trumpet Course, v.

This second volume features longer exercises and pieces, usually four to six lines long. Contains short solos and duets by J. Exercises focus upon: scales, awkward fingering challenges, finger speed, changing articulations, playing wider intervals tongued and slurred , and more. A fingering chart and a reference table of musical terms and symbols are also included. Instructions are written in English, German and French. Various Everybody's Favorite Clarinet Solos Clarinetists will find among the numbers selected, material to suite and express every musical need whether it be study, fun, concretizing or general musical advancement.

Every type of melody has been included, from the simple and charming folk song to modern instrumentals. Pages are Most etudes fit on one or two pages. Bach , Johann Sebastian Trios, v. Spiral bound collection of solos, concertos, cadenzas and orchestral parts. Various Operatic Anthology, v. Wagner ; Non siate ritrosi from Cos?

Si Puo? We recommend purchasing at least one copy for every two players.

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All bass clef. Rubank edition. A wonderful compilation of duets from Rubank, the two volumes presented here supplement musical development and provide a rich experience for growing musicians. Duet playing is often a student's first form of ensemble experience - technique, tone quality, intonation and balance are introduced as students do one of the things they enjoy most - making music with a friend.

And duet playing leads easily and naturally to competent performance in larger ensembles. I - Easy to Medium, Vol. Transcription of a popular aria melody. This work was long attributed to J. Bach , but it is now believed to have been written by Gottfried Heinrich Stotzel in Hickman, David Piccolo Trumpet, The - Duets, Exercises, Excerpts Preparatory drills are included and are designed not only to warm up the embouchure for piccolo performance, but also to assist the performer in adjusting embouchure flexibility, intonation, tone quality, endurance, and technical dexterity to the piccoloinstrument.

Vivaldi excerpt. Vivaldi, Antonio Concerti 10 , v.

Ferenz Liszt

Various Belwin Flute Solos, v. Various Trumpet Orchestral Excerpts, v. This third volume features longer exercises and pieces, usually a half or full page long. Schumann, and others. Exercises focus upon: scales, awkward fingering challenges, dynamic contrast and other expressive musicality details. A reference table of musical terms and symbols are also included. A good variety of transcriptions and original pieces for the trumpet.

Piano part included. Piano accompaniment sold separately item Piano accompaniment for item Various French Songs 40 , v. Various Bassoon Solos, v. Bach , Johann Sebastian Sonatas 6 , v. For the first five Concerti in this series, see volume 1 In this collaboration, French composer Charles Gounod has added an original melody over an accompaniment composed by J. Alfred Basic Repertoire, v. The pieces have been organized in progressive order and meet the requirements of many piano festivals, auditions and competitions.

The books may also be used as sight reading material or a supplement to other method books. Contrapunctus VII is an example of a 4-part simple fugue with stretto. Excerpted from the Solo Cello Suites.

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Appropriate for tuba or bass trombone. Various Flute Symphony Holmes The medium level quartets of Rubank's Symphony Series are specially adapted for each instrument and are excellent for contest or class ensemble work, and in fact, selections from all six editions appear on several state contest lists. Superb repertoire for developing players! Deeper cup than the 52 or 52D. A popular euphonium mouthpiece.

Liszt: Liebestraum No. 3, Notturno (Barenboim)

Also a good choice for the Euphonium player requiring a larger diameter than the 51D, - the manufacturer Features:. Ideally suited for large bore tenor and orchestral performers. Third movement BWV.

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Originally written in 4-part SATB open score form, and now believed to have been intended for performance on the harpsichord. Contrapunctus III is an example of a simple 4-part fugue. Schirmer edition. Contains a complete facsimile of the Anna Magdelena Bach autograph opposite each page of the modern notation. Carl Fischer Library edition. Movements entitled: Prelude; Sarabande; Menuet; Allegro. Range is from C below the staff to high B above. Prelude; Sarabande. Bach 7C Cornet Mouthpiece Brilliant tone. Bach 's most popular trumpet mouthpiece.