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Plus it was only 25 bucks at Best Buy.

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It is also quite expensive. I love my DS for homebrew. I have had a wondrous time with my CycloDS Evolution slot 1 device. It supports savestates, soft-reset, cheat codes it even comes with more than you can shake a stick at , has integrated support for Moonshell and much more. If I had it to do over again, though, I would buy one that uses a flash card of some sort because the fixed-size storage runs out fast.

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If I were looking to buy a portable for homebrew e. Someone needs to call a spade a spade. These flash cards are primarily used to run pirated ROMs, not for homebrew titles. What would be cool is if someone built a small but powerfull computer that could conect to the ds through slot1 for extra ram and cpu power. That way you could run more powerfull apps. That is very much impossible.

Nothing More. On to the Memory. I just got the M3DS Real last week! Ive had the MMD for a long time. The mmd is total crap in comparison. The M3 runs everything without any patching just copy and play!

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The only problem is having enough space to put all the great working programs and games for it! Everything on the mmd has to be patched or a workaround performed or files renamed or just plain doesnt work. I certainly wish I had never seen the mmd. Although I will keep it around so my friend and I can play a couple of the games that do work on it in multi.

Other than that I wish I had never gotten it. We are making songs using these devices but combining them with real instruments as well. This website has tons of free content, and definately worth visiting at least once. Check out the DSerial series of Slot-1 cards. It is possible to connect external devices to the DSerial, such as another processor, but offloading any significant functions to an external microprocessor would likely be slow.

Serial access to external memory might also be feasible, but it again would be slow. Cleaned up and sorted Notable Homebrew; removed the cleanup tag which was dated November in case someone wants to add it again. Commented out HelloDS as I don't think it's ever going to come out and there's no sense listing vaporware.

I'm wondering if any info should be added on slot one DS carts like the DS-X, whose site promises compatibility on 'most' homebrew. Most 1st generation devices support GBA homebrew, but no 2nd generation device supports it. Homebrew compatibility is usually better on the 1st generation. I think there may be some confusion here.

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If that is the case then the above statement is dubious. Not all homebrew runs well ont 2nd generation SLOT-1 devices and, in fact, most homebrew is developed first and foremost with 1st SLOT-2 generation devices in mind. Given the various problem reports with regards to running various homebrew on various SLOT-1 devices I would then say that the quoted statement needs to be amended This needs cleanup. The article name is poorly picked, and it basically gives a brief description and then lists all the homebrew titles.

Something needs to be done! Thanks to whichever jobsworth nob that removed very useful whole list of emulators and programs The previous person who edited this page vandalised it. It seems like this page is rather active but it appears to be that the article on storage devices is being neglected to a certain degree.

Could someone please help to update the article on DS storage devices? As is stated on R4's site , although the SNK-glish may have been mis-interpreted by me, the latest version of their card's software can run GBA games. Can someone test this? There are over 43 million DS and DS Lites sold worldwide, but how many of those users actually use flash carts? Maybe 10,? That said, it will have a very little impact on sales. However, Nintendo is aware of this obvious?

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  • Personal research as well as other people's observations : Phantom Hourglass JPN does not work on any versions of the R4 until the 1. This article is now locked because some anons insist on the large list of links being in this article. I don't know of any reason why this article has an exception to break several wikipolicies.

    The most prevalent policy being WP:NOT , which states, not only is Wikipedia not a repository or links, it is not a software directory, nor is it a guide book. This article already pushes the notability guidelines, of which the spin off articles of this article already fail and will soon be merged or deleted.

    Inputs, comments? Let's settle this so the page can be unlocked and there will be a consensus. This article is esoteric in nature. It is about a practice that is not known by the mass population. I dont think it is fair to call some of these sites "fansites", Would you consider a site such as ign. What about dcemu. Its scope is even more limited.

    I think that the only diffrence is that the former is for-profit. The latter, however, provides news about the homebrew comunity. Would a semi-protection be more appropriate in this case? Fully protecting the page is a bit hardcore, as no-one can edit it. Even the George W. Bush page is only semi-protected. IMHO this is innappropriate guilt by association. The logo data is a magic cookie that carries no expressive value other than "this program is allowed to run". The U.

    Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit agreed with Accolade's defense that such copying is a fair use of the magic cookie data. Skylink and Lexmark v. Static Control , support this line of reasoning. Get real - does anyone really think people are using these cards to play homebrew crap?

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    Many other people and I do not use our DS's for piracy, and I am astonished at the bickering and disgusting whining about this article. It is wholly reasonable to have a list of homebrew programs and what they do, and it just so happens that it is most convenient to link them to their project sites. If you have a problem with lists, then why don't you go delete the whole portal to "Lists of topics? Wiki is NOT a directory. That section is nothing more than a collection of links to other websites describing methods to mod a DS. Screenshot of DSOrganize? Designed by TemplateYes and is hence unsuitable for Wikipedia at this point in time.

    What happened to this section? It was half the reason I visited this page so much. Could someone replace them with proper links. Half life was joke-ware, I remember it; it pretended to load the game and went straight into the "blue screen of doom" as soon as a button is pressed. Jespa3D is a complete engine written from the ground up, not using anything from any other engine! I was wondering about a legalities section. I think this would greatly help newer homebrewers know the legal side of this "art" Nicatron talk , 21 December UTC.

    I found the list of links for various homebrew applications to be very useful, and I was quite disappointed when I saw they were all deleted.