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This is why Geomancer looks like the cut-scenes from video games.

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So, I thought as a way to take this further, what if I use this non-human but intelligent narrator in a sort of bildungsroman or coming-of-age narrative? The AI's sense of self comes about in quite the opposite way from how it happens with humans. A newborn's sense organs help to eventually build memories, then the baby increasingly perceives things in relation to its past experiences.

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Ultimately, an identity is formed. With the being in Geomancer , its memory—of all things that could possibly be learned—is established immediately, followed by its perception.

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This has to do with simulation theory, which is woven into the fabric of the film itself. Lek set Geomancer in Singapore because he's quite familiar with the city-state, but he also felt it was a good place to set a story about Sinofuturism. He was interested in utopia-as-an-island as well as Singapore as an island nation, which mirrors London's geographic situation, and these two countries' relationship between independence and isolationism.

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Geomancer is currently installed at Jerwood Space in London until May 14th, Click here to see more of Lawrence Lek's work. Provides instant, real time evaluation and analytic capabilities on any property, portfolio, or market area by condensing vast amounts data into a simple yet customizable interface. Instantly perform countless due diligence and appraisal functions that would once take months to complete.

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Adjust and customize variables to suit your specific risk tolerances, return on investment parameters, or any other particular need or circumstance. Analyze multiple scenarios, proformas, and evaluations simultaneously. Data-driven planning and forecasting to maximize stewardship. Unmatched data, delivering powerful evaluations and faster closings.

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Quickly determine the intrinsic value and ROI of any property in the market. Faster, smarter real-estate decisions Instantly evaluate every property in the market with Geomancer.