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In this model, the user of the best channel among multiple users communicates with a multiple antennas relay node over an RF link, and then, the relay node employs amplify-and-forward AF protocol in retransmitting the user data to the destination over an FSO link. Moreover, the authorized transmission is assumed to be attacked by a single passive RF eavesdropper equipped with multiple antennas.

Therefore, the system security reliability trade-off analysis is investigated. Closed-form expressions for the system outage probability and the system intercept probability are derived. Then, the newly derived expressions are simplified to their asymptotic formulas at the high signal-to-noise- ratio SNR region. Numerical results are presented to validate the achieved exact and asymptotic results and to illustrate the impact of various system parameters on the system performance.

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The considered system includes multiple users, one amplify-and-froward AF relay, one destination and multiple eavesdroppers. The users are connected with a multi-antenna relay through RF links and the relay is connected with the destination through an FSO link.

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Maximal ratio combining MRC scheme is used at the relay node to combine the received signals at its different antennas. In particular, we derive closed- form expressions for the exact and asymptotic outage probabilities. The asymptotic outage results are then used to obtain the optimal RF transmission power based on the dominant link between the RF and FSO links. Then, the considered system secrecy performance is investigated in the presence of multi- eavesdroppers where exact closed-form expression for the intercept probability is derived. Finally, a cooperative jamming model is proposed along with power allocation to enhance the system secrecy performance.

Monte-Carlo simulations are provided to validate the achieved exact and asymptotic results. Sama ka : Teleleht nr. This final course work explains the technical work Viola; 4. Cuerno primero; 5. Cuerno segundo; 6.

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In the paper we also document another extended active element CFTA which has more current outputs than can be realized by the UCC-N1B circuit, which was developed at our workplace. The application of this active element is shown o Folio 1. Folio 9. Ka : Teleleht nr.

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The information coming from them has been a filter to compare the findings from documentary sources of that time and from the present. We can see that two different regimes one democratic and the other dictatorial coincided — absurdly — in the same political approach: to eliminate every persona non grata. In this way we want to provide a broader and better documented view on the phenomenon of repression during the Civil War. This study investigates the secrecy outage performance of a single-input multiple-output underlay cognitive radio network CRN with outdated channel state information CSI.

The confidential messages are transmitted from transmitter to the destination, while a multi-antenna eavesdropper exists. The maximal ratio combining and selection combining schemes are utilised at the receivers to improve the quality of the received signal-to-noise ratio. The exact and asymptotic closed-form expressions of secrecy outage probability are derived, and simulation results are provided to verify the authors' proposed analytical results. The results reveal that imperfect CSI of main channels deteriorates the secrecy outage performance while that of eavesdropping and interfering channels has contrary effect, and only a unity diversity order can be obtained in underlay CRNs with imperfect CSI.

Joonis: 1. The ores of Lodeve present no physical characteristics which permit an elimination of the lowest grade fractions, with the exception of the radioactivity and the radium which accompanies the uranium. The mine therefore turned to radiometric pebble-by-pebble sorting on a machine model M 17 of Ore Sorters who have a monopoly of this type of equipment; this permits an operation over a size range from 25 to mm.

Sampling of the deposit investigation of pebble samples, construction of the sorting plant and commissioning are described. IQML gives biased estimates of the channel and performs poorly at low Its asymptotic performance does not reach the DML performance though. An asymptotic performance analysis, a complexity evaluation and simulation results are also presented. This work is concerned with the realization and investigation of a light emitting diode LED structure within single GaN nanowires NWs and its integration with Si technology.

To this end first a general understanding of the GaN NW growth is given. This is followed by investigations of the influence which doping species, such as Mg and Si, have on the growth of the NWs. The experience gathered in these studies set the basis for the synthesis of nominal p-i-n and n-i-p junctions in GaN NWs.

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Investigations of these structures resulted in the technologically important insight, that p-type doping with Mg is achieved best if it is done in the later NW growth stage. Another important component of an LED is the active zone where electron-hole recombination takes place.

Such structures are fabricated, investigated and processed into working LEDs. This demonstrates the feasibility of the monolithic integration of both devices on the same wafer at the same time. Es folgen Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Dotierstoffen, wie z. Mg und Si, auf das Wachstum der ND. Eduardo Santos, a solicitud de su esposa dona Lorencita Villegas de Santos.

The considered system includes multiple users, one amplify-and-forward relay, one destination, and a multiple-antenna eavesdropper.


The users are connected with the relay node through RF links and the relay is connected with the destination through an FSO link. Both maximum ratio combining and selection combining schemes are used at the multiple-antenna relay to combine the signal received from the best user on different antennas.

Closed-form expressions are derived for the outage probability, average symbol error probability, and ergodic channel capacity. Then, the power of the selected best user is determined to minimize the system asymptotic outage probability under the dominant RF or FSO link. Then, the considered system secrecy performance is investigated, where the closed-form expressions for the intercept probability are derived.

Finally, we propose a new cooperative jamming model in which the worst user is selected by the authorized system to jam the existing eavesdropper. The considered system includes multiple users, one amplify. Offshore contractors seek to operate their remotely operated vehicles for the widest range of sea conditions where particularly launch and recovery through splash zone are critical phases in the offshore operation.

The analytical methods for calculation of operational limit proposed by guidelines from DNV Recommended Practices may lead to an over-estimation of the hydrodynamic forces and consequently to an unduly restrictive operational limit. Accurate predictions of the hydrodynamic forces a The results of phenomenological hermeneutics have revealed the factors influencing professional self-determination of intended special pedagogues. Students' choice to study is determined by human oriented and self-realisation factors: need to care about others, love for children, wish to help people, get knowledge and need to overtake professional role.

Decision not to become a special pedagogue is intensified by a complicated nature of work, lack of personal skills and individual peculiariti In this article is made an iconographic study of the two prints that illustrate the book of the Dominican Fray Alonso de Ribera, La Historia Sacra del Santissimo Sacramento contra las heregias destos tiempos, edited by Luis Sanchez in Madrid in In these prints are reflected two aspects that are going to be essential on the religiosity Spanish Counterreform of the seventeenth century, the stubborn defense of the Eucharist and the fight against heresy.

Simo Meinert. Overview this manuscript is an overview of an ASTM symposium. The authors, John Sebroski and Mark Mason, of the overview were the co-chairs of the symposium and co-editors of the manuscripts submitted for ASTM peer review and subsequent publication in the technical proceedings for the symposium.


Eduardo Santos. Daniel Moran Drug trafficking, use, and HIV risk: The need for comprehensive Jessie Mbwambo, Sheryl A. Dec 6, HIV services into primary health care, health workforce shortages, Full Text Available The torrid or tropical Zone limited by the two tropics of cancer and Capricorn was imagined by the greatest powers of the 18 century, Spain, France, and Great Britain as a meeting area of the otherness where the tropical discourses, ambivalent, appeared written either with dose of ferocity and infertility, or exoticism and abundance.

Anti-yeast potential of some Annonaceae species from Simo Runnel. Ilmamaa, A new adaptive blind channel identification algorithm. Then, its convergence property is analyzed systematically. It is shown that under some mild conditions, the proposed algorithm is guaranteed to converge in the mean to the true channel impulse responses in both noisy and noiseless cases.

Simulations are carried out to demonstrate the theoretical results. Changes in Editorial board Rhinology, Prof.