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Looking for something? Scroll to top. Bill, Sally, and little Billy lived happily for many years in the small, lovely house in the nice neighborhood. When little Billy was a baby, he would sometimes reach for the red ribbon around his mother's neck. Sally would gently take his little hands in hers and coo at him, saying, "Mommy must never ever take off her red ribbon!

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The red ribbon had frustrated Bill for a long time. He loved Sally with all of his heart, but did not understand her need to wear the red ribbon. After many years, Bill had an idea. I will buy Sally a beautiful necklace. She will take off that old red ribbon so she can wear the beautiful necklace!

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Their anniversary came. Bill took Sally to a fancy restaurant overlooking Central Park. They had a delicious meal.

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Then Bill gave Sally a velvet box with a beautiful diamond necklace in it. She opened it, smiled, and tears came to her eyes. Bill put the necklace around her neck and started to take off the red ribbon.

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Sally stopped him. She said, "I must never take off my red ribbon!

He looked at Sally and shook his head. Sally gently placed the diamond necklace back in the velvet box and closed the lid. I will treasure it always," she said.

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Late that night Bill was still awake. But she insists on wearing that horrible red ribbon around her neck. I think it's about time I found out why. Bill got out of bed and walked around to Sally's side.

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Bill carefully pinched the ends of the bow on the ribbon. He began to slowly pull on the ribbon. The bow became smaller and smaller. The loops of the bow pulled through and only a half-knot was left.

Always Hold the Ribbon